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Bad Credit Mortgage Broker SiteThe site provides a number of useful articles and helpful advice for anyone considering a bad credit mortgage option [view bad credit mortgage articles]

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Nature of Business:We specialise in bad credit mortgages and remortgages for people with an imperfect credit history. Our experienced team of experts search the whole mortgage market with a unbiased view to find the best mortgage deal whatever your credit history. We first look to the high street lenders to find the best deal and, if necessary, then to the lenders who consider a wider variety of cases and specialise in the bad credit mortgage market.
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We are not tied to any specific lender, and we always consider your mortgage deal priority over our revenue in order to maintain excellent long-term customer relationships.

If you have ever in the past had CCJs registered against you, defaulted on a loan, missed payments or have been forced to declare yourself bankrupt you may have what is known as “bad credit”.

Bad credit shows you may be unreliable repaying large sums of money, placing you in a high risk category when applying for a mortgage. As a result many lenders may refuse your application, further damaging your credit history. Fortunately you may still qualify for a mortgage by applying through specialist lenders, known as sub prime lenders.

To Apply Now online, or simply make an enquiry please fill in the easy to use contact form. We'll be back in touch by email or by phone if you prefer, with recommendations that suit your specific needs.

For too long the self employed, contractors and freelancers who are paid by way of bonus or commissions have been discriminated against by mortgage lenders.

Our brokerage service aims to break down the old barriers that have traditionally faced the self-employed who find it difficult to prove their income.

We have the expertise and excellent relationships with lenders to ensure that we secure the funds you need, at competitive interest rates, in an efficient and hassle free process that we handle for you from start to finish.

Use our affordability calculator to check that, using a standard income multiple that the lenders will apply, you have the income needed to support the interest only mortgage that you require. Don't forget that in most cases you shouldn't be asked to provide proof of this income and we provide this calculator for your benefit to ensure you are not over-extending yourself financially.

To Apply Now online, or simply make an enquiry please fill in the easy to use contact form. We'll be back in touch by email or by phone if you prefer, with recommendations that suit your specific needs.

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