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Business Insurance

We have a unique range of insurance schemes that are designed for business. To apply online please click here, alternatively view the schemes below. Have a look below at what we offer. If you feel that you need protection that is not covered here please let us know by email.

Not only are the following schemes comprehensive, they are also the most competitive prices you will find. Click on any of the schemes below to see what we offer and the costs involved.

Following recent world events insurers attitude to cover for "terrorism" has altered. As a result of this all insurers now specifically exclude cover arising from any such occurrence. Therefore your insurance policies will no longer offer Terrorism cover with immediate effect.

Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions.

What we offer
Personal Accident, Sickness and Travel Insurance - from £32.50 pa

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy - from £165 pa

Property & Liability Insurance - for only £112 pa

Legal Expenses Insurance - for only £75 pa

Apply online for the above insurances

Personal Accident, Sickness and Travel Insurance

  • As a self-employed Computer Contractor you will not earn a penny unless you are working
  • Injury or illnesses may prevent you carrying out your work
  • Without work you may run into financial difficulties
  • You need to be covered for business travel
What Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd can do for you
  • Provide financial help should you suffer from an injury or illness.
  • Incorporate cover for traveling worldwide in any one year.

For further information contact Greg Fitzgerald or apply online.

Apply online for the above insurances

Please note: Premiums shown are per person and that Sickness and/or Business Travel Cover can only be purchased with Personal Accident Cover and Holiday Travel Cover can only be purchased with Business Travel Cover.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • You carry a responsibility to your clients
  • Your clients have a recourse at law against you for financial loss
  • An agency contract will not protect the computer contractor in the above circumstances
  • Clients are increasingly asking to see proof of professional indemnity cover before awarding you with their contract
What Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd can do for you
  • Cover you for Legal Defence for millennium problems.
  • Backdate cover from when your firm was established.
  • Cover you worldwide (excluding USA/Canada.

The above premiums are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax and based upon the following limits of indemnity.

  1. £100,000 any one claim and in all including costs and expenses.
  2. £250,000 any one claim and in all including costs and expenses.
  3. £500,000 any one claim and in all including costs and expenses.
  4. £1,000,000 any one claim and in all including costs and expenses.
  5. £2,000,000 any one claim and in all including costs and expenses.
For further information contact Greg Fitzgerald or apply online.

Apply online for the above insurances

Property & Liability Insurance

  • As a limited company employing yourself or any other person, it is a legal requirement that you have Employers' Liability Insurance
  • Most household insurance policies do not cover you for equipment owned by your company
  • You owe a duty of care and legal liability to the client for any injury or damage caused by you at their premises
  • Your contract with an agency will not provide insurance for your legal liabilities - it is your responsibility
What Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd can do for you
  • Provide cover for the following for ONLY £112 pa, including insurance tax.
  • Office Equipment - Sum Insured £5,000
  • Additional cost of Working - Sum Insured £2,500
  • Employers' Liability - Limit of Indemnity £5 million
  • Public Liability - Limit of Indemnity £1 million
  • Due to recent world events insurance policies will no longer offer Terrorism cover with immediate effect.
Premium - £112 per annum

For further information contact Greg Fitzgerald or apply online.

Apply online for the above insurances

Legal Expenses Insurance

Know the facts

Computer Contractors are exposed to new regulations and legislation yet the fear of taking legal action to defend or persue your rights and the heavy costs involved are a deterrent. Failure to do so can be equally, if not more costly and disastrous. Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd's new Legal Expenses Policy is the answer.

The Computer Contractors Legal Expenses policy gives you the power, through its level of cover upto £50,000 of legal costs per claim, access to a 24-hour helpline and to professional advice through a nationwide panel of specialist solicitors.

What Caunce O'Hara & Co Ltd can do for you

Legal Defence Provides legal costs and expenses for defence and appeals in respect of civil and criminal proceedings for both you and your employees.
Data Protection Provides legal costs and expenses for representation and defence proceedings brought under the Data Protection Act.
TAX, PAYE & VAT Protection Provides legal costs, expenses and accountants fees to represent you in a full and/or aspect enquiry by the Inland Revenue or Her Majesty’s Custom and Excise.
Employment Disputes Provides legal costs and expenses in defending actions brought by employees and ex-employees under employment legislation.
Property, Licence Protection, Bodily Injury & Attendance Expenses are also covered under the Policy.

Premium - £75 per annum

For further information contact Greg Fitzgerald or apply online.

Apply online for the above insurances

Frequently Asked Questions

When does cover commence?
Cover for all classes of insurance can be arranged at any time to suit your circumstances. This can commence at any time in the future but cannot be backdated. However, please see below regarding Professional Indemnity Insurance and retroactive cover that we offer.

As a self-employed / Limited Company business what types of Insurance cover are compulsory?
It is advisable to consider all elements of insurance to protect you from a variety of risks within your market. You are, however, compelled by current legislation to have Employers' Liability Insurance - see Property & Liability Insurance section on the Computer Contractors website page.

In addition, often under contract, you are required to carry Professional Indemnity insurance cover. From time to time you may also be required to have Public Liability cover. Again, please see the Property & Liability section of our Computer Contractors website page.

How long does it take to arrange cover?
The application process is on-line to provide a fast and efficient service. Normally the whole process, including dispatch of documentation, will take 7/10 working days. Depending on volumes of applications we will endeavour to respond quicker than this but on receipt of your application, an acknowledgement will be sent, if eligible under the terms of the scheme, cover will take effect immediately payment is received.

Who and what is covered under the scheme?
The scheme is designed, exclusively, for Computer Contractors for whom we try to have a wide acceptance level. These persons can be defined as self-employed businesses, whether limited company or sole proprietor, who undertake work on a contractual basis for third parties resolving Information Technology issues. They can be Project Managers, Consultants and Designers involved in IT, Telecommunications, sometimes MOD projects. The cover is not designed for anyone involved in manual labour - for further clarification please contact Caunce O'Hara by email at info@caunceohara.co.uk

The different classes of Insurance are detailed on the Computer Contractors Scheme Web page. The intention is to insure professional activities. We cannot accept anyone who conducts manual work at a client's premises e.g. construction or welding work.

Who provides the insurance and how can you be so competitive?
Insurance is arranged by a variety of insurers including NIG, and under binding agreement between Underwriting Syndicates at Lloyd's. It is for this reason and the fact that the application is processed on-line that this comprehensive cover can be provided so competitively. We provide one of the widest wordings available with the lowest excesses.

How can I pay for this insurance?
By cheque or by debit or credit card, when payment is requested by Caunce O'Hara. Payment need not be made at the time of application.

What happens when the Insurance is due to be renewed?
Caunce O'Hara will make contact in writing, automatically, prior to expiry of the cover. Renewal will be processed on receipt of confirmation, from you, of your requirements. For this reason it is important that your address details are maintained up to date.

What happens if I have to make a claim under the Insurance Policy?
Please contact our dedicated Claims Department either by email at info@caunceohara.co.uk or by telephone on 0161 833 2100. In either case, to help us to respond promptly, please quote the relevant insurance policy number and provide brief details of the nature of the claim.

How do I find out the terms and conditions of each type of insurance policy?
From the Computer Contractors Page, go to apply on-line at the bottom of the page/Online Application page go to click to apply online click on the apply button next to the appropriate class of insurance at the bottom of the page click here for a specimen policy and conditions.

How do I cancel or vary the terms of cover?
Please advise us in writing to the email address at the bottom of this page? Note: there is a £30 admin charge for cancelling the policy.

Professional Indemnity: What is Retroactive cover?
Retroactive cover applies solely to Professional Indemnity Insurance. Once this class of insurance is arranged, it will cover you for any future claims which may relate back to an occurrence which pre-dates the date on which the insurance policy commenced as far back as the date on which your business, in its current form, was established.

For this type of insurance, cover can only be confirmed after receipt of a declaration, at inception or renewal, that you are not aware of any circumstances which could give rise to a claim.

What if I do not qualify for the scheme; can I still get cover?
Your internet application will be referred to our scheme underwriter for further consideration. If still considered to be unsuitable for the scheme, in some cases we may be able to offer terms from the open market.

For clarification of any queries not covered above please advise us by emailing info@caunceohara.co.uk providing your telephone contact details.

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