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Contractor Mortgages and Re-mortgage service

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If you are not an IT Contractor visit our sister site at A service specialising in mortgage solutions for the self employed.

Most contractors will have a horror story or two to tell about the hassles they have had trying to arrange a mortgage. It's all too easy to obtain an 'online agreement in principle' only to find that, after a nerve wracking two weeks wait, you're rejected when the underwriter realises you are not a permie or asks you to show accounts (which clearly won't reflect what you truly earn - otherwise you need a new accountant!)

We are eager to prove that you can easily secure the same 'High Street' mortgages as a permie - its simply a case of making use of the expertise and contacts that we have built up over many years.

Click here to fill in the mortgage finder, and let us find a deal to suit you!

Over 95% of our clients are contractors and as such we fully understand how and where to properly submit mortgage applications to ensure success (each week we are approached by distraught clients whose homes are in jeopardy as a result of being declined for a mortgage elsewhere becausea less specialist broker has approached the wrong lender or poorly packaged the application). We avoid poorly trained, poorly motivated staff at the branch networks of the major institutions and instead deal with key underwriters within the lenders centralised processing units. In this way we can avoid the strain of having to prove your employability, earnings potential and credit worthiness to branch based mortgage processors who always seems to look for reasons NOT to help.

We are Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), directly regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority. We are pleased to be able to offer full advice whereas many institutions will now only provide you with an 'information only' service. We also provide what is referred to as a whole of market service, which means we can advise you on and arrange a suitable mortgage from all the lenders and from all of their product range. Please take time to read our Initial Disclosure Document for further details of our service and regulatory status.

We ensure that interest rates are competitive andfavour lenders who will work simply from a generous multiple of your annualised contract rate (up to 4.5 times income). This use of your contract rate alone avoids the need for company accounts that first time contractors may not have and that will not, in any case, truly reflect your income (otherwise its clear you need a new accountant!). We also avoid schemes that have extended loyalty clauses and high associated fees. We can secure competitive loans where a deposit of only 10% is required and do not need you to have been contracting for a lengthy period before applying for the mortgage (we have arranged mortgages for people who were 2 weeks into their first contract).

Many clients exploit the potential savings associated with the new breed of 'flexi loans' and 'cheque book' mortgages (contractors have made significant savings on their interest payments by reducing debt on a short term basis whilst maintaining the freedom to withdraw this capital when needed-tax bills etc).

Even in the Internet age we recognise that most people would prefer to seek help and advice when making, what is, the biggest financial decision of their lives. To this end we offer a highlypersonalised service. You will be assigned a real, living, breathing member of our team to answer queries and keep you informed along the way and to ensure that your mortgage application is dealt with efficiently. By using a mortgage broker you should have access to exactly the same products from lenders with no additional costs.

Unlike our competitors we make no charge for this service nor do we pressure you into taking out additional products with ourselves. All mortgage brokers receive commission from the lenders every time they introduce a client however most advisers then also charge the client a hefty fee (as high as 1-2% of the amount borrowed), insist that you take out insurance etc through themselvesor insist that you deal with an impersonal automated process. We are committed to offering a personalised approach and have never felt the desire to charge an additional fee as our costs are covered adequately by the lenders payment alone. We are convinced that, in the close knit world of contracting, our business has benefited overall-the vast majority of our clients still come to us by recommendation from other, satisfied, contractors who have made use of our services in the past.

Whether you're a first time buyer who's keen to stop funding someone else's mortgage from the rent you pay, whether you're 'trading up' to a house that reflects the hard work that you put in each and every day of your contract, whether you're looking to invest in a second property for rental as a hedge against uncertain times ahead or simply looking to save substantial amounts of money each month on your existing loan by re-mortgaging fees free to a lower rate pleasecomplete the Mortgage Finder below and we will be in touch shortly.

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Contractor Money will respect your privacy and adhere to the Data Protection rules as outlined in our Private Client Agreement.

ContractorMoney is a trading name of ContractorFinancials Ltd which is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Not all products are regulated by the FSA eg buy to let mortgages.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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