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Expense Management Software

EMS2 is a comprehensive web-based solution that completely automates and manages employee-initiated travel and expense claims.

Not only has EMS2 simplified the process of claiming expenses for thousands of users, it has also reduced administration, providing informative management reports for many organisations. EMS2 has been specifically designed for organisations that currently have manual (i.e. paper-based) systems or only partially computerised expense processing systems. The software provides the ability to capture organisation-wide travel expense data for faster payment, less administration overheads and detailed real time management analysis to control costs.

Key Features of EMS2:

  • Online claim entry
  • Online Authorisation
  • Automatic Calculation
  • Full Management Reporting

Massive Savings in Staff Time and Cost

  • Claims can be processed in minutes
  • Expenses can be submitted/approved anytime, anywhere
  • Removes the need for the finance department to re-key submission information, saving time and removing error, as all information is captured at source, through the web interface
  • Provides your employee with self service web access to claims status - removing the need to contact the finance department
  • Instant email notification to authorising manager when submission has been made

If you would like to learn more of our Expense Management Software please contact us on 0845 1200 045 or email info@blue-egg.co.uk.

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