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New clients/site launches this month:

1. Modern Furniture Site (New Site Launch)
2. Contractor Mortgage Site (New Site Launch)
3. Contractor Umbrella Solution (New Site Launch)
4. Designer Furniture (New Site Launch)
5. Self Cert Mortgage Site (New Site Launch)
6. Barcelona Chair Site (In-house design project)
7. Interior Designers (New Site Launch)
8. Poor Credit Mortgage Site (New Site Launch)
9. Umbrella Company (New Site Launch)

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Latest News from Blue Egg Ecommerce

[Jul 2008] Iconic Interiors, the home of designer furniture, launches an ecommerce enabled site.Newly launched site - Iconic Interiors now accepting online payments

Iconic Interiors, the home of modern furniture, commissioned Blue Egg to create an ecommerce site for their .com domain. The team at Iconic Interiors required a fresh looking site which was ecommerce enabling allowing customers to make payments online. Behind the site is an excellent Content Management System allowing Iconic Interiors staff to keep the site updated.

Iconic Interiors work closely with us for their search engine optimisation requirements also. Because of this we built the site from scratch with SEO in mind. This way we can build on the Google (and other major search engines) success the Iconic Interiors site already enjoys.

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[May 2008] Contractor Money offer independent financial advice for contractors and freelancers.  Specialists in contractor mortgages and pensions.Newly launched site - Contractor Money receives a blue egg face-lift

Contractormoney have been a loyal customer for many years. We felt it was time for a much needed redesign allowing Blue Egg to freshen up the design and re-write the site in the latest web compliant code.

Contractormoney provide independent financial advice for the Contractor and Freelancer market. They specialise in contractor mortgages and freelancer pensions.

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[Feb 2008] Newly launched site - Alternet Contractor Umbrella Company

Umbrella company for contractors - submit your timesheets, claim expenses and Alternet will give you the best take home pay.

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[Aug 2007] Newly launched site - Iconic Interiors - Bauhaus Designer Furniture Suppliers

Within the site we bring to you a range of bauhaus furniture designs that never grow old. Furniture that has not only stood the test of time, but has emerged decade-upon-decade, looking as fresh and contemporary as it has ever done.

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[Jun 2007] Newly launched site - Dasa Consulting Contractor Umbrella Company

If you are a contractor or a freelancer working in the UK and want to maximise your pay Dasa Consulting have the perfect solution for you.

online marketing
[Apr 2007] Newly launched site - M.E.Services Ltd

For Service, Training and Installation of Mazak Machine Tools World Wide.

online marketing
[Mar 2007] Newly launched site - The Interior Designer

This Interior Design business based in Yorkshire came to Blue Egg requiring a new site.

online marketing
[Dec 2006] ASMG - Tax and Financial Solutions for ProfessionalsNewly launched site - ASMG - Tax and Financial Solutions for Professionals

ASMG is a company devoted to devising innovative tax-efficient remuneration structures. Blue Egg have provided ASMG with a professional looking website written in the latest web standards ensuring maximum accessibility.

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[Oct 2005] mortgage specialistContributor to Website Maker magazine

This month once again finds Blue Egg contributing to a well-renowned web-focused magazine. This time round, we have contributed a few pearls of wisdom about the process of web design to Website Maker Magazine.

online marketing
[Aug 2005] Newly launched site - Company Insurance Site

Blue Egg and it's partner Manifest New Media have designed this site from scratch. Written in the latest web standards, and using high-end design skills, we are proud to add this site to our fine stable of client sites. The Company Insurance site provides a fully comprehensive range of insurance products.

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[Aug 2005] Giroscope - A workers co-operativeNewly launched site - Giroscope, renovating property for people in housing need.

From time to time Blue Egg offer organisations a reduced cost for providing our web design services. Giroscope fit our criteria due to their philosophy and charitable work.

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[July 2005] mortgage specialistContributor to the Practical Web Projects magazine

This month Blue Egg Ecommerce have contributed a software review of the July 2005 edition. Our brief was to comment on the new features added to the Creative Suite 2 range, and whether they make it worthwhile for Web designers to upgrade to the new version of the software, and our reasons for this.

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[June 2005] Mortgages for people with poor credit

We have the expertise in solving your mortgage problems. Whether you have CCJs, mortgage or rent arrears, have been bankrupt, repossessed or have poor credit, we can help.

online marketing
[June 2005] SEO Client - Value Your Company - Company Valuation Specialists

Plimsoll Company Valuation Service - For only 299, we provide a no hassle, no commitment valuation service for business leaders looking to find out how much their company is worth

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[May 2005] mortgage specialistBlue Egg launch a mortgage specialist self certification mortgage site aimed at self employed, freelancers and contractors

Mortgage Specialist - If you are self employed or find it difficult to prove your income then we have the expertise to help you by arranging a self-cert mortgage or re-mortgage. Self certification mortgages enable individuals to make a declaration of their earnings without having to provide proof of income. Mortgage Specialist

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[Apr 2005] SEO Client - A4FP IT Contractor Services

A4FP offer a contractor umbrella service for IT Contractors and Freelance Professionals. Anderson services are designed to minimise the administrative burden required to run your own business by providing a ready-made back office for all of your financial needs. Our specialised and highly trained team maximise your disposable income by using the most tax efficient methods within UK tax legislation. They also provide an IR35 solution as part of the service. Details available at their IR35 page.

online marketing
[Feb 2005] Alliance formed with the Bytestart business portal

Bytestart, the small business portal, has formed an alliance with Blue-Egg to provide web design and search engine promotion services to thousands of small business site owners, including a series of search engine marketing articles

online marketing
[Feb 2005] Eternaltools.com joins the Blue Egg Ecommerce client portfolio

Eternaltools, with the aid of Blue Egg are to be using our services to grow their business online. Eternaltools.com are suppliers of Progressive tools in tungsten carbide and diamond.

online marketing
[Jan 2005] CPA Trackdays joins forces with Trakshare

Using the CPATrakshare site as a starting point, Blue Egg Ecommerce gave the site a new face-lift.

online marketing
[Dec 2004] Contract awarded to develop client's in-house software

Parasol IT offer a web based umbrella company facility for consultants in a wide range of industries. Blue Egg have been given the green light to develop in-house software to enhance their current systems.

online marketing
[Nov 2004] Financial site tailored for UK freelancers

Blue Egg Ecommerce are providing hosting and web design services for this project. Financial advice for UK freelancers.

online marketing
[Nov 2004] Insurances for contractors, freelancers and the self employed

We designed the Contractor Insurance site for one of our long-standing clients. The site offers insurance services aimed specifically at freelancers, IT Contractors and the self employed. They also offer small business insurance.

online marketing
[Nov 2004] Site Launch - CPATrakshare

CPATrakshare organise racing events around the country. Blue Egg Ecommerce designed and built the site and will be working together with CPATrakshare to market the company online.

online marketing
[Sept 2004] Business Expenses System tailored for a leading UK IT Contractor Umbrella company

Blue Egg Ecommerce have worked closely with Greenlantern35 Ltd to produce a Business Expenses System. The system provides an intuitive user-interface allowing both contractors and Greenlantern35 staff to process expenses more efficiently. Expense Management Software Information Page.

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[Aug 2004] Interior Designer providing solutions for both commercial and residential projectsAdditional site built for Blue Egg partner

The Interior Designer site is an additional site to the Studio site (a partnership between Blue Egg Ecommerce and Jason Bowers - Interior Designer). The site has been built to promote the Interior Design service available through the Studio.

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[July 2004] Mortgage specialist services individually tailored for Contractors and Freelancers alike

Blue Egg Ecommerce have joined forces with Contractor Money in offering individually tailored financial solutions for the Contractor/Freelancer market. To learn more of this service click IT Contractor Mortgages.

online marketing
[May 2004] Site Launch - CPA Trackdays

CPA Trackdays organise racing events around the country. Blue Egg Ecommerce designed and built the site and will be working together with CPA Trackdays to market the company online.

online marketing
[Nov 2003] Best New Media Agency Nomination

Blue Egg Ecommerce have made it to the final three places of the Best New Media Agency Awards hosted by Future UK.

online marketing
[Nov 2003] Debt Consolidation Mortgage Brokerage

If you have loans, credit cards or store cards with different companies you can make use of the equity in your property and incorporate these into your debt consolidation mortgage, leaving you with one simple monthly repayment and a lower amount to pay each month. ccj mortgage, ccj remortgage. The reason this can save you money is because the rates you are paying on loans, credit cards and store cards bankruptcy mortgage are generally higher than those you would pay on a mortgage. bad credit remortgage

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[Oct 2003] Blue Egg launch a furniture partner site

www.interiors-thestudio.com is a partnership between Blue Egg Ecommerce and Jason Bowers (Interior Designer). The site offers retro furniture, much of which is featured on Channel 4's Big Brother house. Jason Bower's Interior Design service is also to be promoted within the site. In time it is hoped the site will become a forum for up and coming uk interior design talent. We are planning to forge relationships with Interior Design Colleges throughout the UK. Watch this space, or more specifically, visit the site. Specialists in Cattelan Italia, Bombo Stools, Magis Furniture, Modern Furniture, designer furniture and bauhaus furniture. Free UK delivery.

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If you would like to learn more of our services please contact us on +44 (0) 845 1200 045 or email info@blue-egg.co.uk.
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