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New clients/site launches this month:

1. Modern Furniture Site (New Site Launch)
2. Contractor Mortgage Site (New Site Launch)
3. Contractor Umbrella Solution (New Site Launch)
4. Designer Furniture (New Site Launch)
5. Self Cert Mortgage Site (New Site Launch)
6. Barcelona Chair Site (In-house design project)
7. Interior Designers (New Site Launch)
8. Poor Credit Mortgage Site (New Site Launch)
9. Umbrella Company (New Site Launch)

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search engine optimisation uk

SEO UK - Search Engine Optimisation that works!

It is easy to tell if a potential Search Engine Optimisation provider is worth using, ask them how they rank. At Blue Egg our service speaks for itself, we are NUMBER ONE for 'web design agency UK' in Google ().

The principle is simple enough. The higher your position the higher your business' profile, the higher the profile the more visitors you will receive and the more business you will get.

At Blue Egg we cannot promise overnight results but we will give sound advice that over time will enable your site to achieve excellent positions in all the major search engines.

An initial charge of £1250 covers all set-up costs (consultation, optimising site) and the ongoing cost for this service is then only £295 per month. Included in this price is a monthly report that details the service and demonstrates the month-on-month improvements to your business. By the end of month 3 we are confident that you will see real benefits. For your peace of mind you are not tied to the service and can walk away at any time, but with the excellent results that we can achieve, why would you want to?

This service ensures your web site appears consistently high in the major search engines (Google, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo, etc) and is essential for the success of your site.

There are currently in excess of 250,000 UK companies with Internet web sites. These days it isn't good enough to have a well designed site, you need to be noticed. The service that Blue Egg Ecommerce offer does just that! We use a two pronged approach, firstly we optimise your site making it Search Engine Friendly. The second approach is to regularly submit your site to key engines on the web. We produce a monthly report which details your current positionings and shows the month on month improvements.

If you are reading this then your site is not achieving its potential but it is crucial to remember that the potential is there. We hear many extraordinary success stories from our clients where an improvement in search engine listings has led directly to tremendous increases in turnover. Such success stories involve businesses of all types - manufacturing, service, mail order, specialist, high tech etc. Sometimes it is the most obscure lines of business that see the most remarkable increases.

"For the past 8 months my company has used the SEO services of Blue Egg Ecommerce, in this time we have achieved consistently high positioning in the main Search Engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc). This has resulted in increased business for Contractor Money."

Tony Harris M.D. Contractor Financials Ltd,

"Prior to commissioning Blue Egg Ecommerce to carry out SEO services our company tended to be a few pages back on the main search engines, now we are consistently on the first two pages, even on Google!"

Paul Thorpe M.D. Coulson Pritchard Associates Ltd,

Your web designer may have initially submitted your site to the search engines, and included meta tags - this will help but will soon tire and your site will start to slip down the rankings. And it is unfair to blame the web designer. Search engine work is a very different art to web design and there is so much work involved in maximizing search engine listings that it is not included in most designersí fees. If we have a new brochure designed and printed we do not expect our printer to help us advertise and distribute that brochure, we talk to a specialist marketing company.

To learn more of our Search Engine Optimisation service either contact us on +44 (0) 845 1200 045 or email us at

Look forward to hearing from you.

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search engine optimisation uk search engine optimisation uk search engine optimisation uk search engine optimisation uk search engine optimisation uk
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